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2011-07-12 08:49 am

Old/New Favorite

You see, I want a lot.
Perhaps I want everything
the darkness that comes with every infinite fall
and the shivering blaze of every step up.

So many live on and want nothing
And are raised to the rank of prince
By the slippery ease of their light judgments

But what you love to see are faces
that do work and feel thirst.
You love most of all those who need you
as they need a crowbar or a hoe.
You have not grown old, and it is not too late
To dive into your increasing depths
where life calmly gives out its own secret.

—Rainer Maria Rilke, Das Stundenbuch
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2010-02-10 08:23 am

(no subject)

Proposed changes to DSM are up for perusal at www.dsm5.org . No surprises in the GID section, really...this is only the draft.
The new revision will combine a lot of current disorders, eliminate a few, and narrow the specifications on a lot of them - means the final version will be easier to diagnose from, insurance will most probably pay for less, and it will be lighter to lug around!

I'm leery of it, as it was TOO easy to read the GID section and it appears to be to "our" benefit on many fronts. I'm going in for a second read...
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2010-01-20 08:10 am

R.I.P. Kate McGarrigle

You gave us such beautiful songs, whose traditions live on in so many forms.
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2009-11-16 09:05 am

Cancer and the day by day...the beat goes on

Oh, we say, it can't happen to me...I'm here to tell ya it can. 2% of breast cancer patients are men (my surgeon hasn't seen a statistic on transexuals). Being on HRT increases the chances, especially if the genetic codes are aligned. So, those of you who keep checking in here - and there are a couple...well, maybe one - go, have your annual check ups and have a mammogram, no matter what your age or sex it can happen, but the good news is if caught early enough no chemo or radiation therapy if you opt for surgery.

I'm in the statistics, stage 0 - cellular configuration 2cm x 4cm...yea, that's big!, but in situ (contained within the ductal tissue - no spreading to outlying tissue), so opted for bi-lateral mastectomy to alleviate future worries. Going under the knife Monday next for the first round of reconstruction surgery...getting the implants I just had removed last year put back (no, not the same exact ones, bit bigger as I don't have the supporting tissue any longer), and I've been "promised" that I shall be pretty again, once the nipple is reconstructed and I get a tattoo job out of it all!

Yes, it's been rough. Being a statistic is interesting, but I've been a statistic most of my life. The genes? All I can say is "Thanks, Mum!" I got her nose, her hair...and her breast cancer. Lucky me!

It happens to us! There is no bias regarding who cancer chooses to take down.
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2005-05-14 05:46 am

This one's friends only for several reasons...

You all know the drill...All applications will be scrutinized and replied to - one way or another...